Saturday, 24 September 2016

India: Bloom Energy set to provide sustainable power

Source: "Bloom Energy set to provide sustainable power; honcho KR Sridhar explains how", The Financial Express (The Indian Express), 24th September 2016, by Anup Jayaram

Anup Jayaram reported, " (...) Bloom Energy, has developed a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that produces electricity by running natural gas or bio-methane across rows of reactive materials. (...) While natural gas is the main mode, in rural areas there is bio-methane. This can be produced using human and animal waste. We can use the bio-mass that comes from that as an asset to produce fuel that sustains. Urban areas can use the bio-gas from landfills. (...) My vision for Gail is for them to create a national network of pipelines through which bio-methane can be inserted just as natural gas, as that industry matures. There is a significant amount of self-sufficiency in fuel through the bio-gas plant. (...) While you can provide power where there is a gas pipeline, how will it work in rural areas? (...) In a small town we can put up a Bloom box and the bio-waste from around the region will go in powering that village. That will happen soon. There is a certain infrastructure required to collect the bio-mass. We would like a local partner to do that. (...)”

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