Saturday, 24 September 2016

Honda says, 'Petrol engines will go extinct, hydrogen is motoring's Holy Grail'

Source: International Business Times, 20th September 2016, by James Billington

James Billington reported, "Manufacturer shares its vision of motoring's future with IBTimes UK as it unveils  its new Civic. As Honda unveiled its brand new Civic at its UK Swindon headquarters, the company talked of its vision of where the future of motoring is heading – revealing its belief traditional engines will die out and how hydrogen is the Holy Grail. (...) "Electrification is currently the most popular and best solution but it's also short-term. Honda still believes hydrogen and the fuel cell technology will be the ultimate propulsion for the long-term future, but electric is very important to fill that gap until that time for the mass market." (...)"

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