Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ethiopia: Meles' Legacy in Developing Renewable Energy

Source: The Ethiopian Herald (AllAfrica), 31st August 2016, By Abebe Wolde Giorgis

Abebe Wolde Giorgis reported, "Meles designing the Grand Renainsance Dam. (...) The construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam whose cornerstone laid by the late Meles Zenawi is an indicator of his dedication for the expansion of renewable energy in this country and in the region. The Dam which is expected to generate 6000 Megawatt electric power not only ease energy poverty locally but also play crucial role for regional economic integration by supplying power to the neighboring countries. (...) In sum, even though Great Leader Meles passed away four years ago, his leadership legacy on energy continued to support the development plan of the country. His dedication for climate justice and the expansion of climate friendly renewable energy has been fruitful; thus, the nation ought to pursue his legacy in developing eco-friendly renewable energy."

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